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Single-Molecule Dynamics in Membranes

Associate Editor Lukas Tamm has compiled this collection of top papers on membranes published in the last year. All 15 articles in this virtual issue of Biophysical Journal are freely available for the next 30 days.

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Distinct Stages of Stimulated FcεRI Receptor Clustering and Immobilization Are Identified through Superresolution Imaging
Sarah A. Shelby, David Holowka, Barbara Baird, Sarah L. Veatch
Nov, 2013, 105(10), pp. 2343-2354

Lateral Membrane Diffusion Modulated by a Minimal Actin Cortex
Fabian Heinemann, Sven K. Vogel, Petra Schwille
April 2013, 104(7), pp.1465-1475

Unexpected Membrane Dynamics Unveiled by Membrane Nanotube Extrusion
Clément Campillo, Pierre Sens, Darius Köster, Léa-Laetitia Pontani, Daniel Lévy, Patricia Bassereau, Pierre Nassoy, Cécile Sykes
March, 2013, 104(6), pp. 1248-1256

Coarsening Dynamics of Domains in Lipid Membranes
Cynthia A. Stanich, Aurelia R. Honerkamp-Smith, Gregory Garbès Putzel, Christopher S. Warth, Andrea K. Lamprecht, Pritam Mandal, Elizabeth Mann, Thien-An D. Hua, and others
July, 2013, 105(2), pp. 444-454

Molecular Dynamics and NMR Spectroscopy Studies of E. coli Lipopolysaccharide Structure and Dynamics
Emilia L. Wu, Olof Engström, Sunhwan Jo, Danielle Stuhlsatz, Min Sun Yeom, Jeffery B. Klauda, Göran Widmalm, Wonpil Im
Sept, 2013, 105(6), pp. 1444-1455

Protein-Mediated Transformation of Lipid Vesicles into Tubular Networks
Mijo Simunovic, Carsten Mim, Thomas C. Marlovits, Guenter Resch, Vinzenz M. Unger, Gregory A. Voth
Aug, 2013, 105(3), pp. 711-719

Actin Mediates the Nanoscale Membrane Organization of the Clustered Membrane Protein Influenza Hemagglutinin
Manasa V. Gudheti, Nikki M. Curthoys, Travis J. Gould, Dahan Kim, Mudalige S. Gunewardene, Kristin A. Gabor, Julie A. Gosse, Carol H. Kim, and others
May, 2013, 104(10), pp. 2182-2192

Membrane Permeability of Hydrocarbon-Cross-Linked Peptides
Tzu-Lin Sun, Yen Sun, Chang-Chun Lee, Huey W. Huang
May, 2013, 104(9), pp. 1923-1932

pH-Dependent Conformation, Dynamics, and Aromatic Interaction of the Gating Tryptophan Residue of the Influenza M2 Proton Channel from Solid-State NMR
Jonathan K. Williams, Yuan Zhang, Klaus Schmidt-Rohr, Mei Hong
April, 2013, 104(8), pp. 1698-1708

Aggregation distributions on cells determined by photobleaching image correlation spectroscopy
Giuseppe D. Ciccotosto, Noga Kozer, Timothy T.Y. Chow, James W.M. Chon, Andrew H.A. Clayton
March, 2013, 104(5), pp. 1056-1064

Interactions of the Auxilin-1 PTEN-like Domain with Model Membranes Result in Nanoclustering of Phosphatidyl Inositol Phosphates
Antreas C. Kalli, Gareth Morgan, Mark S.P. Sansom
July, 2013, 105(1), pp. 137-145

Dynamics of the serine chemoreceptor in the Escherichia coli inner membrane: A high-speed single molecule tracking study
Dongmyung Oh, Yang Yu, Hochan Lee, Barry L. Wanner, Ken Ritchie
Jan, 2014, 106(1), pp. 145-153

Bayesian total internal reflection fluorescence correlation spectroscopy reveals hIAPP-induced plasma membrane domain organization in live cells
Syuan-Ming Guo, Nirmalya Bag, Aseem Mishra, Thorsten Wohland, Mark Bathe
Jan, 2014 , 106(1), pp. 190-200

Geometrical membrane curvature as an allosteric regulator of membrane protein structure and function
Asger Tonnesen, Sune M. Christensen, Vadym Tkach, Dimitrios Stamou
Jan, 2014, 106(1), pp. 201-209

Temporal dynamics of microbial rhodopsin fluorescence reports absolute membrane voltage
Jennifer H. Hou, Veena Venkatachalam, Adam E. Cohen
Dec, 2013, 106(3), pp. 639-648
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